Fortnite is getting a surprise Dragon Ball Super crossover tomorrow

Could everyone's favorite green fighter be coming?

Image via Epic Games

Ever since the addition of the Naruto characters in Fortnite, Epic Games has been trying to capitalize on the inclusion of similar franchises in the game. Last August, this meant that Dragon Ball Super came to the game with new skins, episode-viewing parties, and battle-royale weapons. And now, Epic seems to be teasing a second wave of cosmetics coming tomorrow.

In a tweet posted on the official Fortnite account this morning, Epic shared an image of some kind of glider with tomorrow’s date. There’s no other information in the tweet except for the image clearly showing the Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite logo that players will remember from five months ago. Some data miners are already speculating about what could be in this next collab.

Some are expecting the developer to add new skins to the game from some more of the series’ most popular characters like Piccolo, Broly, and potentially more. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the next collab, and the data miners don’t have the files yet to get an idea of what could be coming. More will likely be revealed during the game’s downtime tonight.

Right now, the My Hero Academia collab is still ongoing after it faced issues in December. It’s likely that the developer will shelf the Deku’s Smash and All-Might supply drops if it also plans to bring back the Kamehameha from the last wave of the Dragon Ball Super collab. If Epic decides to keep both weapons in, it would likely lead to one of the most chaotic periods the game has ever seen.

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We won’t know more about what’s coming until tonight into tomorrow morning. But the fact that Epic is working on another wave of this crossover so soon after the other likely speaks to its popularity with players.

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