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Fortnite data miner shows off first-person mode, motorcycles

Players are about to see Fortnite in a whole new way.

Screengrab via Epic Games

One of the best qualities about Fortnite is that it’s a constantly evolving experience. With each new update, Epic Games brings something new to the game that often has the potential to change the battle royale forever, like the Zero Build mode that was introduced last season. Now, Fortnite seems to be gearing up for another big change with leakers showing off a potential screenshot from a first-person perspective.

Fortnite could become a true FPS, according to prominent data miner HYPEX, who shared a screenshot on their Twitter account today. The screenshot depicts a match where a character is holding a shotgun in a first-person perspective, with the UI looking the same as the third-person mode. HYPEX claims the mode is still in early development and that there’s no release date.

While this would be interesting enough by itself, HYPEX released another tweet stating a highly requested vehicle will be coming to the game as well. When Epic released Chapter Three, season three, the developer also introduced a mechanic to let players ride on the backs of animals. According to HYPEX, this is an early version of the animation for motorcycles.

The motorcycle has two seats and the ability to drift, according to the leaked information. These new vehicles will make zipping around the map easier than ever and will likely be faster than the current rideable animals. In the same post, HYPEX also said surfboards will be coming back in some capacity, potentially in the battle royale or just in Creative maps

If this turns out to be true, these features will be huge additions to the game. The first-person perspective in Fortnite will allow the player to get a closer look at their enemies and the beauty of the island. For now, players can look ahead and practice their driving in case these leaks turn out to be accurate.