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How to ride animals in Fortnite

Who’s the king of the jungle?

Image via Epic Games

Wildlife has been an integral aspect of Fortnite and it has diversified the gameplay by adding unknown variables to the game. Some of the recently included animals are wolves, boars, raptors, and more, but they were usually very aggressive toward players.

Despite the wildlife, the community wished for one thing to be added: the ability to ride these animals after taming them. And now, the developers have finally listened to these requests. As of Chapter Three, season three, players can ride wolves and boars. These animals can be used for faster rotations on the map and even deal charge damage to enemies in their path. 

Players can also use their weapons and build while riding these animals, which creates a new dynamic in the gameplay where animals can be used to outmaneuver enemies in battle. But animals also have a lower health pool, making them an easy target to eliminate for enemies. Animals have a boost meter, which can be used to sprint with the animal, and when that meter falls to zero, the animal will go to sleep, making them temporarily unavailable to use for riding. 

Players can feed these animals with meat obtained from creatures and ground loot to replenish the rest time faster and also use them to tame these animals. Animals roam around everywhere on the map, so finding them isn’t a gigantic task and enabling the visual audio effects in the settings should make it easier to spot an animal roaming nearby.

Here’s what you need to know about riding wolves and boars in Fortnite Chapter Three, season three.

How to ride wolves in Fortnite

Screengrab via Epic Games

Wolves in Fortnite are ferocious creatures. They attack an enemy that comes near them and chases them until they die, making them incredibly hard to deal with sometimes. Players can tame these wolves in two ways. First, throw some meat in front of them and the animal should have question marks all over its face, making it neutral for a bit of time. Players can then move up to them and ride them by using their action key. 

The second method is not for the weakhearted. It requires the player to jump directly on the wolves and land perfectly on their back. If the wolf spots the player first, it will knock them first and make the situation a bit complicated. But if you manage to get on their back, you’ll be able to ride the wolf and have a vicious friend to aid in your match.

How to ride boars in Fortnite

Screengrab via Epic Games

Compared to wolves, boars usually don’t attack people unless they’re provoked, so they’re comparatively easier to ride. Like wolves, players can feed meat to boars and use the opportunity to ride them. Or you can brute force your way to making them your friend on the battlefield. Boars have a lower health bar than wolves, so it is effortless to eliminate them in a heated battle.

Players also have a weekly challenge that asks them to jump on a wolf or boar’s back in different matches. After completing the challenge, the game will reward them with 15,000 XP to level up their battle pass.