Fortnite concept artist shares custom Tfue skin after Epic debuts Icon Series

Could Tfue be the next streamer featured in Fortnite's new skin theme?

Photo via Tfue

Epic Games launched the Icon Series skin line to highlight popular content creators earlier in the week, and many fans of the game have since started theorizing about who could be the next icon to receive a skin. One Fortnite concept artist threw their hat in the ring for Turner “Tfue” Tenney by designing a spot-on look for the Twitch streamer.

Concept artist D3NNI shared the design on Twitter yesterday. The Tfue skin looks just like the Twitch streamer and features him in a red or black t-shirt with his name stretched across the front. He’s wearing grey camouflage pants and a pair of black headphones to match.

Epic released the first skin of the Icon Series with a new look for popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins earlier in the week. The skin closely resembles the streamer with its yellow headband and blue hair and features a Ninja logo on the character’s arm. Players can also customize the skin’s hood, which can be worn up or down, and the skin’s mask, which can be taken off to reveal Ninja’s face. The cosmetic item can be purchased from the battle royale’s in-game store until tomorrow.

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Tfue is a perfect candidate for the Icon Series; the popular streamer topped the charts in 2019 as the most-watched streamer on either Twitch or Mixer, surpassing Ninja by 30 million hours watched. But until Epic releases a Tfue skin, fans can continue supporting the streamer on Twitch.