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Fortnite competitive players report Chinese duo for teaming during World Cup qualifiers

Dropping bullets intentionally in a solo match is odd.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite anti-cheating patrol is at full force for the World Cup Open Qualifiers. This time, Chinese players are being accused of teaming during the week five solo qualifiers last weekend.

A player shared a video on Reddit of two players who seem to be from the same team helping each other indirectly during a match. SV_Gtea was walking away from a fight when they dropped half their Drum Gun bullets on the ground, going from 220 to 110. There was no one around him.

A few seconds later, when Gtea was already far from the area, another player named SV_Hootin approached the bullets and picked them up. Both players seem to belong to the same team outside the game.

There’s no reason for someone to drop bullets in a solo match since they don’t take inventory space. While Gtea did that, Hootin was inside a house in the city right next to him, and the two never fought each other. After Gtea dropped the bullets, Hootin rotated to that area even though he was moving toward the storm circle after being close to the safe zone a few seconds before.

SV_Hootin placed first in the Asia qualifiers semifinal last weekend and got sixth place in the finals, which made them miss the only qualification spot in the region.

If Epic Games finds this video as enough evidence of teaming, both players can be banned from the Open Qualifiers and lose the prize money they earned last weekend. Teaming is categorized as gameplay sabotage since it gives the player an unfair advantage over others, despite not involving third-party software.

The company has already punished previously-qualified players for cheating. XXiF received a 14-day ban from competitive Fortnite modes and lost all his prize money when he was caught teaming during the week three solo qualifiers. His team, Rise Nation, released him right after Epic announced the punishment.

Epic has yet to comment on this case and on past reports of teaming and cheating during week five.