New players are accused of cheating during week 5 Fortnite World Cup qualifiers | Dot Esports

New players are accused of cheating during week 5 Fortnite World Cup qualifiers

Epic has yet to comment on the case.

Image via Epic Games

Cheaters apparently aren’t scared after Damion “XXiF” C received a 14-day ban from Fortnite: Battle Royale competitive modes last week. He was banned for teaming during the week three World Cup Solo qualifiers, but this doesn’t seem to be enough to convince other players to avoid doing the same thing.

New accusations of teaming have arisen in the most recent Solo qualifiers, this time against players Yermpy and Oro. A Twitch streamer, Philldown, who was the duo’s victim, caught two clips of them playing a match in which they avoid shooting each other and focus on him when he lands near them.

Philldown says that the first clip shows Oro purposely missing shots on Yermpy, while the second video shows Yermpy and Oro landing close to each other and ignoring themselves to focus on Philldown. From the streamer’s perspective, it feels like he’s playing duos alone.

But Yermpy and Oro failed twice. Not only were they caught with suspicious behavior, but they also couldn’t qualify for the World Cup Finals. Other players on the competitive Fortnite subreddit agreed that these two were intentionally playing bad against each other to instead focus on other players who could take them down, which falls under collusion, according to the tournament’s rules.

Yermpy and Oro’s case is different than what happened to XXiF, though. In week three, he was reported and then banned for having his friends feed eliminations to him across more than one match, which gave him enough points to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York. Since it granted XXiF an unfair competitive advantage, he lost his World Cup spot and prize money.

Epic has yet to comment on Yermpy and Oro’s situation. It’s likely that the company won’t address their case in detail as it did with XXiF since none of them made it to the Finals. What players should expect is a new competitive update coming early this week in which Epic will detail its efforts against cheaters in week five.

When Epic banned XXiF, it included 698 other players in the punishment list for various forms of cheating. If the cheating allegations are true, it’s likely that Yermpy and Oro will be added to this growing number.