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Epic will host another Fortnite Trios tournament on July 21

The company wants to make up for issues during last weekend's edition.

Image via Epic Games

Last weekend’s Fortnite Trios tournament experienced some issues that Epic Games couldn’t fix in time. To make up for that, the company confirmed it’ll host another Trios event on July 21 with both the semifinals and finals on a single day.

An Epic employee wrote on Reddit that there was an issue with material drop from eliminated players, which was making them not drop anything instead of 50 of each material.

“While addressing the material drop issue in the Trios Cash Cup, we ran into a different issue,” the employee said. “We’ve decided to run the Trios Cash Cup with default harvesting rate and no material drop for the rest of the weekend.”

Even though the employee didn’t say what caused the issue during the tournament, they mentioned that players would be automatically disconnected from their matches as soon as the last person in the trio was eliminated. This could’ve been related to the material bug, but that’s unconfirmed.

“We will run an additional one-day Trios tournament on July 21,” the employee said. “Arena Trios will also remain enabled until the end of this season.”

The employee said the issue was that harvesting rates in the Trios tournament mode were the default ones instead of the increased rate from Arena, which made the team try to run the Asia tournament under Arena settings. They wrote that it “fixed the gameplay elements but has separate issues with how teams are scored which prevents us from using that solution.”

Epic also considered canceling the tournament due to the issues, but it “rather give people a tournament to play in than cancel it entirely.”

Increased material harvesting rates and getting materials from player eliminations are both part of the standard Fortnite tournament rules. They were in effect during the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers along with the siphon mechanics and will also be active during the World Cup Finals.