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Epic patches overpowered PC aim assist glitch in Fortnite

PC players won't be able to use aim assist.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games released a patch today that fixed the aim assist glitch in Fortnite. This glitched allowed mouse and keyboard players to attain the same aim assist as someone using a controller. 

This glitch was previously easy to take advantage of. Players had to simply plug in a controller and change the “Dead Zone” settings in the menu. Once players used the controller one time, the game assumed that they were still using it even though they’d switch to mouse and keyboard. This allowed players to use controller aim assist on PC. 

Due to the inherent advantage a mouse and keyboard has without aim assist, a PC player with aim assist is game-changing. But Epic patched this glitch just days after it was found. This wasn’t a hotfix, however, so players need to update their game.

But some people in the Fortnite community believe that console players have an advantage because of how useful aim assist is in duels. Turner “Tfue” Tunney said that console players have the edge over PC players because “you’re getting top-level aim with literally no hard work.” 

The discussion surrounding aim assist stemmed from the v10.40 update, which introduced new customizable settings that gave console players different ways to adjust their aim settings. 

Because crossplay is an important feature in Fortnite, PC players will most likely have to endure sharing the server with console players.