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Fortnite’s v10.40.1 patch notes are now live

With season 11 delayed, this update remains barebones.

Image via Epic Games

The latest Fortnite update has been released and it’s expected to be the final downloadable patch for the rest of season X since the next season is scheduled to drop during the week of Oct. 14.

The last few updates brought both Gotham City, Batman, and Borderlands to Fortnite. Last week’s update was pretty typical, adding a small location north of Pleasant Park and introducing the Zone Wars LTM. This week, we have quite a barebones update that introduces almost nothing at all except bug fixes.

Out of Time challenges

Season X has been extended by a week, which means that overtime challenges will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 8. These challenges will grant exclusive free variants for existing battle pass cosmetics.

The mission will last until Sunday, Oct. 13 and will follow the trend of being the final objectives of the season before the transition into the next.


Image via Epic Games

The Flint-Knock Pistol has been unvaulted and it’s the only item to be reintroduced in this week’s update.

Zone Wars

Last week, the Zone Wars LTM was added. And now, v10.40.1 bundles them from four separate maps into “Solo” and “Party” playlists instead.

Other than that, the rest of the patch almost exclusively includes bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Fortnite’s v10.40.1 update will require some downtime for server maintenance, and as a result, players should expect to wait up to two hours before being able to log in. The wait is usually shorter, however.

Once the downtime ends and players have downloaded the update, all of the relatively small additions will be available to play around with.

The patch notes include many bug fixes as well as changes to Creative and Save the World. You can view the full notes on Epic’s website.