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Cloak backs Tfue in his “release the contract” campaign against FaZe

He also showed support for FaZe's owner Banks two days ago.

Screengrab via FaZe Clan

Fortnite pro player Denis “cloak” Lepore is showing support for his duo partner Turner “Tfue” Tenney, who’s filed a lawsuit against their team FaZe Clan for “oppressive” contract terms.

Tfue is demanding FaZe Clan show to the public the reportedly abusive contract he’s signed with them, and it’s coming two days after a lawsuit he filed against the team went public. Tfue published his first public statement about the situation yesterday in a YouTube video in which he asked his fans to use #ReleaseTheContract on social media to show support for him and pressure FaZe to show the contract it has with him.

Cloak shared Tfue’s video on his Twitter profile and published a photo with Tfue on Instagram using the hashtag. Cloak also went live on Twitch yesterday for a bit over six minutes, during which he streamed Tfue’s video. He turned off the stream a few seconds after he finished showing the video and spammed in his chat, “I’M GETTING YELLED AT, I NEED TO TURN OFF STREAM.”

Cloak has refrained from commenting where he was and who was yelling at him. He’s still a FaZe Clan player as well and is the captain of the team’s Fortnite roster.

On the day that Tfue’s lawsuit went public, Cloak published a statement in support of FaZe owner Ricky Banks, who’s said Tfue’s allegations are untrue. Banks “has shown us nothing but love and appreciation as he does every player that has ever played for FaZe,” Tfue said.

Tfue’s intended exit from FaZe Clan could mean that he and Cloak would no longer be able to compete as a duo in the Fortnite World Cup, as FaZe Clan would likely assign a new partner to Cloak from the team’s current roster.