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Best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 3

Get equipped properly.

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The formula for success in Fortnite is simple: get guns, get gear, and get a good hiding spot. The first part is the most important, as a fight between two similarly skilled players will likely be determined by who brought the better weapons.

Weapons are added and vaulted each season, so it’s important to be aware of what guns are considered the most effective. Many players can be swayed by the rarity color of the options in front of them in-game, but sometimes a Common or even Uncommon weapon is more useful than the Rare or Epic version of a different one.

Excluding the Exotic weapons you can purchase from NPCs on the island, or special event weapons like the Star Wars blasters and lightsabers, here are the best weapons you can find in Fortnite during Chapter Three, season three.

List of the best weapons in Fortnite Chapter Three, season three

Auto Shotgun

Image via Epic Games

With the vaulting of the Drum Shotgun, the Auto Shotgun now reigns supreme as the most impactful close-range shotgun. With a large magazine size, massive damage output, and impressive automatic fire rate, it’s a tremendous item to have late in matches for close-range fights.


Image via Epic Games

Finally, a long-range option without the abysmally slow fire rate of a Heavy Sniper. The Designated Marksman Rifle is a semi-automatic marksman rifle that deals roughly 45-58 points of damage per shot, depending on the rarity. With a decent fire rate and a magazine size of 10, you could potentially drop an opponent in four hits and still have over half your magazine.

Hammer Assault Rifle

Image via Epic Games

The Hammer Assault Rifle, also making its debut this season alongside the DMR, is the ideal choice of the assault rifle category because of its superior DPS and its manageable recoil. The slower fire rate is worth the increase in damage and the controllable recoil, allowing more precision compared to other ARs.

Combat SMG

Image via Epic Games

The Combat SMG is still a viable option at both short and medium ranges. Its impressive fire rate and reload time are ideal for any close encounters, and the more controllable recoil makes it a better option than the Stinger.