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Best Fortnite OG map Creative 2.0 codes

The best map in Fortnite's history.

With the introduction of Unreal Editor in Fortnite, creators are coming up with unique map designs for Creative 2.0. Some of these maps are new, while others are recreated versions of old maps from previous seasons in the game.

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The Creative mode has several maps and experiences that will take you back to the good old days in Fortnite. Over the years, Fortnite‘s battle royale map has gone through countless changes, including the introduction of new landmarks, POIs, and other popular locations. For anyone playing the game since its inception, the Chapter One OG map holds a special place.

Now, players missing these old iconic maps can relive the experience in Creative mode. There are several versions of the Fortnite OG map recreated in Creative mode, and you need to know the map codes to hop into these experiences.

Here are the best Fortnite OG map Creative 2.0 codes.

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OG Fortnite map codes for Creative 2.0

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The OG Fortnite Athena map is unquestionably the most popular island in the game’s history. The OG map featured some of the most popular POIs like Pleasant Park, Tomato Town, Loot Lake, Greasy Grove, Moisty Mire, and more. Fortnite’s Creative mode has some of the best OG map experiences where you can jump into a game and visit these popular POIs once again.

The best Chapter One Creative experiences are mentioned below, and you can queue into them for matches by entering the Island Code from the Discover tab. You can directly copy the code for the specific map from below, and paste it into the Island Code section.

Tilted Towers Creative OG

Tilted Towers creative photo
Photo from Fortnite

Island map code: 5938-4964-5071

User u/RosazYT spent months recreating this map painstakingly, getting all of the original details of Tilted Towers down just right. Even weapon and prop placement are exactly the same as they were in earlier seasons. If you need to scratch that nostalgic Tilted Towers itch, this is your map.

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Deleted Fortnite Locations

Photo of Deleted Fortnite Locations
Photo from Fortnite

Island code: 9268-7234-7736

This map aims at bringing back several iconic OG Fortnite locations. Shipping containers are back, along with an iconic Durr Burger restaurant and more. The creator also included Prison and Dusty Depot for good measure.

OG Map Lategame 2.0

Photo of OG Fortnite Lategame map
Photo from Fortnite

Island code: 9024-9247-1926

This OG map has 9 locations and is located in Junk Junction. It is available for zonewars, solo, practice, and free for all. If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for the original Junk Junction, this is definitely one map you should try.

Atlas OG Battle Royale

Photo of Atlas OG Battle Royale
Screengrab via Epic Games

Island Code: 2179-7822-3395

The Atlas OG battle royale map is one of the best experiences in the Creative mode where you can hop into the Chapter One, season three map. Designed by AtlasCreative, the map allows up to 80 players in a building mode battle royale. The loot pool is from Chapter One, making it a realistic experience for players. As for the POIs, you’ll find all the popular locations from Chapter One, Season Three in this Creative experience.

Reboot Royale – OG Fortnite

Photo of Reboot Royale OG
Screengrab via Epic Games

Island Code: 4464-0648-9492

Designed by creator TheBoyDilly, Reboot Royale – OG Fortnite is another experience where you can play the Chapter One, Season Three map. This experience allows up to 80 players in a single match, and the loot pool consists of old weapons from Chapter One. While playing on this map, you might feel like the game is glitching, and the controls are not accurate. This is because Reboot Royale – OG is still in beta testing and is constantly updated for a better experience.

OG season one map

OG Season 1 map photo
Screengrab via Epic Games

Island Code: 6584-6297-8823

Designed by creator gold_dark_bomber, the OG season one experience offers a map similar to Fortnite’s first season. This mode allows up to 32 players in a battle royale format. You’ll find most of the popular POIs from Chapter One, season one. Building is available in this game mode, and the loot pool features weapons from the current Fortnite season.

OG season four map

OG Season 4 map photo
Screengrab via Epic Games

Island Code: 6114-4887-9802

The OG S4 experience is another popular Creative map where you can play on Fortnite‘s Athena map. This experience also features up to 32 players and has a few of the popular POIs. The OG S4 experience was also designed by the creator gold_dark_bomber. If you are looking to land at some of the memorable spots, we recommend visiting Loot Lake and Retail Row in this Creative experience. Some of the new movement mechanics like sliding, sprinting, and mounting are disabled on this map, giving players a realistic feel from Chapter One.

Fortnite season one map

Fortnite Season 1 map photo
Screengrab via Epic Games

Island Code: 2702-0755-4122

Fortnite season one is another popular experience in Creative mode. This map features the classic loot pool from season one, with weapons like Bolt-Action Rifle, Burst-Assualt Rifle, Suppressed SMG, and more. You will also find most of the popular POIs like Pleasant Park, Greasy Grove, Retail Row, and others in this Creative experience. Like some of the other Chapter One recreations, new movement mechanics like sprinting, sliding, and mounting are not available on this map. This Creative experience allows up to 50 players and has building enabled in-game.

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How to play an OG Fortnite map

It’s pretty easy to get started playing an OG Fortnite Map. We’ve listed the steps down below for your convenience:

  1. Open up the main menu in Fortnite.
  2. Click the “Creative” option under game selection and hit “play”
  3. When prompted, click “Island Code”
  4. Enter in your code, then click “launch

Once those steps are finished, you’re pretty much good to go. There is a wide range of OG maps for you to enjoy, so go out there and explore.

What’s next in Fortnite OG?

Fortnite OG will continue going strong in 2024, but chances are it will be quite different compared to the previous iteration. According to Epic Games, the goal will be to make the next Fortnite OG more than a mere repetition of the previous Fortnite OG. This could mean, for instance, focusing on Chapter 2 instead, or bringing back the old maps with increased accuracy.

While we don’t have enough info to say for certain what the future will bring for Fortnite OG, one thing is most likely: It will surpass what has happened in this game mode so far!

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