Be careful when jumping out of helicopters in Fortnite—you might die | Dot Esports

Be careful when jumping out of helicopters in Fortnite—you might die

Helicopters are high-risk, high-reward.

Image via Epic Games

The newest vehicles in Fortnite could be one of the most dangerous additions to the game since players can’t pull out their glider to cushion a fall. 

Epic Games introduced Helicopters in the v12.20 update earlier today alongside the Spy Games limited-time mode and new cosmetics. The Helicopters are useful for flying around the map at high speeds and traveling to new areas. But players have to be careful—they aren’t safe. 

One player found this out the hard way. He jumped into a Helicopter with his teammate and had a pickaxe fight with another player. After getting the elimination, he decided to jump out of the Helicopter because it was being shot at by an enemy team. 

Although the player assumed that he'd be safe, he wasn’t given the prompt to pull out his glider and save him from fall damage. The player quickly fell to his demise after assuming that he could survive the long drop from above.

Other players said that it's possible to cushion the fall if they’re close to the ground. But players should be wary of the Helicopter’s health. If it falls to zero, players have to quickly escape before it explodes. 

Considering this vehicle is extremely useful for traveling long distances, escaping the zone, and third-partying, it’s clear to see the reasoning behind this decision. Epic wanted to ensure that the Helicopters are high-risk but highly rewarding.