All Fortnite v12.20 leaked skins, cosmetics, and ‘Choppa’ release

Helicopter, new Slurp skins, a proper locker, and more!

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games’ Fortnite is receiving update 12.20 soon. Tons of new cosmetics have made their way into the battle royale, including a new vehicle.

Get to the Choppa!

Lay waste to Slaty Springs with the helicopter, named the ‘Choppa’ and requiring players to obviously enunciate it in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. It carries up to four other squadmates in your team’s bid for air domination.

Leaked skins

Get juiced with even more members joining the Slurp family, including a much more adorable Leviathan variant stuck in its space suit.

The Slurps aren’t the only reactive skins this update. Tailor will gain “unique fight patterns” as you play the game, such as when you eliminate opponents or deal damage.

In keeping with the chapter’s Top Secret theme, several of the new skins like Envoy, Crimson Elite, and Scarlet Commander that wouldn’t look out of place in a spy movie.

Leaked cosmetics

Can’t get enough of Deadpool? Now, you’ll be able to wrap your favorite weapons and vehicles in the signature black and red style of the foul-mouthed mercenary. Be careful if it starts talking back at you though.

There’s also a new addition to the Fortnite Champions Series line of cosmetics. It’s called the Axe of Champions, but there’s no information on how to obtain it just yet. More dual-wield pickaxes join the fray, including Volt Batons that look like they could the closest thing to a Lightsaber you can get ever since their removal.

New emotes have also made it into the game. You could fly a Kite, assume a Bold Stance, or simply show off your Well-Rounded skills.

Sometimes, even the most dangerous merc on the planet deserves a cuddle and good old junk food in his bed. Share in the fun with the Cuddletime Coup loading screen.

New-look locker

With the game’s burgeoning amount of cosmetics, a clean locker loadout is a welcome addition for players. It seems like players will also be able to save presets for their favorite outfits and change them on a whim as well.

Map change

There’s some slight changes to the Fortnite map. The oil rig is gaining even more on the surrounding area, while eagle-eyed fans have spotted the addition what looks to be a stadium at Pleasant Parks.