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All Fortnite’s Welcome to Pandora challenges and rewards have been revealed

This is what you can get for completing this free set.

Image via Epic Games

Borderlands has joined Fortnite: Battle Royale in the v10.20 update. A new rift zone has formed south of Paradise Palms, bringing Pandora to Fortnite.

Along with the new area, all players now have a special set of challenges to complete in 14 days called Welcome to Pandora. These are all focused on finishing tasks while in that area, from searching chests and eliminating opponents to finding the eye of a robot.

Players can complete these challenges in any game mode and completing them should be natural as players drop into that area and play. Just two of them require a more focused effort, but others should be easy to get while you just look for weapons and fight opponents in Pandora.

Here’s the complete list of Welcome to Pandora challenges and rewards. Remember that the only mode in which you can’t progress through them is Playground because it’s a sandbox mode. All others are valid.

Collect Cash from Chests and opponents in Pandora (10)Uncommon spray Psycho
Eliminate opponents in Pandora (3)500x Season XP
Search chests in Pandora (7)500x Season XP
Find Claptrap’s missing eye and then return it to him (2)Uncommon spray Crunk Bunny
Gain shields in Pandora (500)500x Season XP
Search different Vault Symbols (3)Uncommon banner Vault

Completing all challenges will reward you with the Mayhem uncommon Wrap.

To gain shields in Pandora, you just need to not take damage for four seconds. Your shield will start regenerating if you continue not taking damage, so you don’t need to grab any items to complete this task.

The Welcome to Pandora challenges will leave Fortnite on Sept. 10.