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A new Fortnite rift beacon is now next to Paradise Palms

Truck 'n Oasis might be gone soon.

Screengrab via Epic Games/FortniteBR

Another rift beacon has been set up on the Fortnite: Battle Royale island, which means that an area is changing soon.

The beacon that players found being built inside Dusty Depot yesterday has arrived near Truck ‘n Oasis, south of Paradise Palms. It’s not active yet, but this seems to be the spot where it’ll stay until it’s on. Whenever that happens, we expect it’ll start making a rift appear in the sky just like all of the other rift beacons in season X.

And then, the area where the beacon is will transform into a new one.

That’s what’s been happening in season X, at least. The beacons at Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, and the soccer stadium were placed there a few days before they were replaced by Tilted Town, Retail Row, and a barren land with glitched foraged items, respectively.

The new beacon at Truck ‘n Oasis could mean that Moisty Mire is returning to Fortnite soon. That’s the area that was taken over by the desert biome and Paradise Palms in season five. Considering how big the desert biome is now, it’s possible that we can have both Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms coexisting when the beacon activates and makes something change. The top of the desert biome would remain untouched, while its southern portion would become Moisty Mire.

If Moisty Mire is returning, players can expect some kind of twist. Retail Row, for instance, returned infested with Cube Monsters, while Dusty Depot is frozen in time a few seconds before the meteor hit it. Something similar could happen to the new area where Truck ‘n Oasis is.

Players can expect the area surrounding the beacon to change when the next Fortnite update drops next week, most likely on Tuesday, Aug. 27.