A countdown signaling the end of Fortnite season X event has been leaked - Dot Esports

A countdown signaling the end of Fortnite season X event has been leaked

The rocket event is fast approaching.

Image via Epic Games

The end of Fortnite’s season X is quickly approaching. A countdown has been found within the game files and the end-of-season event’s official location has been revealed. 

Fans have been anticipating the end of season X since the continued presence of the Visitor. But some fans want Fortnite to change, especially considering the controversial introduction of the B.R.U.T.E mech. The rocket event is a definitive way to end the season. 

On top of Dust Depot, there will be a countdown timer with days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The clock seems to be above the Rocket, which has been slowly built by the Visitor over the last few weeks, according to data miner spedicey1. This timer suggests that it’s signaling the launch of the rocket. What happens after the launch, however, is unknown. 

When the countdown strikes zero, a red warning symbol will reportedly pop up, but the event couldn’t be triggered at this time. This suggests that the live event will take place soon. 

Considering that this is the last event of the season, it’s presumed that this will conclude season X entirely. Fortnite data miner Fortory discovered that there’s a loading screen that displays the Battle Bus departing from the Fortnite map with the title “Last stop, thank you, bus driver,” suggesting that Fortnite players could be getting a new map for the next season. 

Although there’s no official release date for the countdown, it’s expected to appear soon considering the conclusion of season X is set for Oct. 13.