You can try out Street Fighter V on PS4 for free this month

You have until Feb. 26.

Image via Capcom

Do you want to sink your teeth into a fighting game? Street Fighter V is approaching its fifth anniversary and Capcom has released a free Champion Edition trial exclusive to the PS4 to celebrate.

Newcomers can get a taste of one of the more accessible games in the legendary franchise. If you’ve only purchased the previous editions of SFV, try jumping back in for the new fighters on the game’s base roster. Additional characters from seasons one to four will be available, amounting to 40 different fighters for you to experiment with, according to Japanese site 4Gamer.

You can download the demo now from the PlayStation Store and play the game until Feb. 26 at 1:59am CT. Users will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to put their skills to the test online, but the game is otherwise fully unlocked for the next two weeks.

SFV will be getting its fifth season soon as well, with more information forthcoming through an official stream on Feb. 11 at 11am CT. If either the demo or the addition of new characters pique your interest, you can purchase the game on PC or PS4 now.