When does Master Roshi release for Dragon Ball FighterZ?

When can we fight the old man?

Image via Bandai Namco

Before the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ Show, which showed more information about the newest DLC fighter Master Roshi, we already knew that he was going to joining the battle on Sept. 16. 

That is only partly true, however, as he will be releasing in two phases like most of the DLC characters before him. 

The initial Sept. 16 release date is for players who have already purchased or are going to purchase FighterZ Pass Three. For everyone else who purchases the individual DLC pack or misses the early access window, he will be dropping on Sept. 18.

If you want to get your hands on the peculiar martial arts master early, you can purchase FighterZ Pass 3 right now for $19.99. This will also grant you early access to the remaining two DLC fighters that have not been revealed yet. 

Otherwise, you can get Master Roshi individually for $4.99 at any time to play him alongside everyone else on Sept. 18. 

Roshi looks to have a nice mix of classic moves from the original Dragon Ball series, while also combining his newer techniques and look from Dragon Ball Super. And while we do need to wait for his actual release to see how competitively viable he will be, his B Assist and some movement options look really promising early on. 

A new balance patch is also being released alongside Roshi, which will focus on adjusting Z Assists, namely C Assist options for most characters. An early look at them shows some big changes, like Bardock’s B Assist no longer tracking fullscreen, and Piccolo getting some nice buffs.