Twitch Rivals Killer Instinct Lives confirmed for Feb. 1

It is time to fight and #BringBackKI.

Image via Microsoft

Twitch has given into the whims of the Fighting Game Community and given figurehead and streamer Maximilian “Maximilian Dood” Christiansen the opportunity to run another Twitch Rivals event. 

Just as it was teased last night, Killer Instinct Lives powered by Twitch Rivals is going to be another one-day showcase of an older game that still has a diehard fanbase in the FGC. 

Starting at 6pm CT, a 32-person tournament in the same vein as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Lives will begin, and the FGC and KI community is already shaking with anticipation. Max even got the announcer for KI 2013 Willette to reprise his role for the official trailer. 

The event is going to be very similar to UMVC3 Lives, so you can likely expect some skits from Max and the YoVideogames, whether they be Assist Me-related or note, along with multiple appearances from veteran KI commentators and players. 

UMVC3 Lives gave a game that was past its peak in terms of competitive play a moment in the spotlight to hype up fans and showcase just how incredible the game was and still is. It peaked at 38,722 during its five-hour runtime and hopefully, KI Lives can hit the same heights when it runs on Feb. 1.