Twitch bans ZeRo after admitting to sexual misconduct with minors

Twitch doesn't want ZeRo back on its platform in the future.

Screengrab via ZeRo

Weeks after admitting to sexual misconduct and predatory behavior involving two underage girls, being released by Tempo Storm, and having his contract terminated by Facebook Gaming, retired Super Smash Bros. player and streamer Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios’ Twitch channel has also been banned.

Barrios, who moved to Facebook Gaming on an exclusive streaming deal, hasn’t streamed on Twitch since December 2019 but was still included in the most recent wave of bans from the platform. 

He is also no longer a part of the partner program, according to streamer and developer CommanderRoot. It is unclear if he was a Twitch partner at the time of the ban since Twitch usually removes both partner and affiliate status for any streamer who leaves the platform on a deal with another service. 

Barrios was just one of several high-profile figures in the Smash community outed for sexual misconduct or predatory behavior in the last month.  Originally, Barrios imposed a lifetime ban on himself from attending future Smash tournaments after responding to the initial allegations of sexual misconduct.

After more people spoke out against him and several other statements, the former player deleted all of his tweets and left social media. Tempo said the organization is working to connect him with professional counsel to ensure his behavior does not relapse, while also reaching out and offering to provide them with professional support as they recover. 

No comment has been made by Barrios on any platform since his final statement on Twitlonger, which has since been deleted.