The first in-game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event of 2021 will take place this weekend

Players can start the new year with a star-themed event.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo recently revealed the first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament of 2021, which is a star-themed event that begins on Jan. 1. 

The “Star tournament that sparkles the galaxy” will be available for three days and will only feature star-related items, such as the Star Rod and Super Sterling. Players can get spirits for winning and will earn better prizes the more they win. 

The star-themed event adds an exciting dynamic to matches since players will only have star-related items at their disposal. Most of these items are still valuable and fun to use, and players will have to adapt to the unique meta.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has received consistent updates since its release and Nintendo has included weekly events for players to enjoy. Sephiroth, the latest fighter introduced to Smash Bros. Ultimate, was added last week and players can use the new character during the star-themed event.

This new event seems to indicate that Nintendo plans to continue the weekly events in Smash Ultimate. This should keep players entertained with new content and more chances to unlock spirits. 

Players who haven’t played Smash Ultimate recently should update their games before the event because a lot of new content has been introduced. New Mii outfights and general game fixes were also introduced in Patch 10.0, alongside Sephiroth. 

The first Smash Ultimate event of 2021 starts on Friday, Jan. 1 and ends on Sunday, Jan. 3.