Terry Bogard blasts his way into King of Fighters XV

It's no fluke he is here every year.

Screengrab via SNK

SNK only missed his birthday by two days, but Terry Bogard fans can rest easy now after the iconic fighter was officially revealed for the King of Fighters XV launch roster. 

Terry is the main protagonist of the Fatal Fury series, has appeared in every KoF title, and is widely considered the mascot of SNK’s game library because of his popularity. He was even featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as one of its DLC fighters. 

Just like every fighter added to the roster, Terry looks fantastic, with a fresh and stylized 3D model along with strong animations and classic voice lines that portray his character perfectly. His combos all feel like they have real weight behind them and his signature Buster Wolf is as impressive as ever in KoF XV’s style. 

Buster Wolf isn’t the only move making a return either, as SNK made sure to show off almost all of Terry’s classics, Power Dunk, Power Wave, Power Geyser, Rising Tackle, Crack Shot, and the little things, like his taunts, throws, and shoulder checks.

Fans actually predicted that Terry was going to follow his brother Andy Bogard and be revealed last week, but the SNK team skipped ahead and showed off Yuri Sakazaki instead. 

With this reveal, Terry is the 13th fighter revealed for KoF XV, joining Andy Bogard and their friend Joe Higashi to form team Fatal Fury. This is another thing fans of the series predicted, as it keeps the trio’s tradition alive and leaves just four already-announced characters teamless.

You can expect another character reveal next Wednesday and can view the full Terry Bogard trailer on the SNK YouTube channel, because of course SNK had to include an extra combo showcase for the poster boy.