Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to hold Bumper-themed spirit event

The "Pinball brawl!" starts Friday.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has unveiled the theme for this weekend’s Spirit Tournament Event which will focus on one of the game’s most common items.

This week’s event, “Bumper mass appearance! Pinball Brawl!” is set to start on Friday, July 30, and will wrap up three days later at midnight on Sunday. While it isn’t explicitly stated how gameplay during the event will change, given its theme, it’s likely players will encounter a whole lot of bumpers during their quest to earn spirits.

As usual, participating in the tournament will net players spirits to add to their collection with more wins meaning more rewards. There are no new spirits joining the game this week, however, you’ll still have plenty of variety to earn during the event.

Last week’s event saw players encounter the horned spirits available in SSBU with characters like Dry Bowser, Cubone, and Risky Boots highlighted. Each week a new spirit event joins the game giving players a chance to earn more spirits for their collection with the theme changing each time.

Right now, it isn’t clear what next week’s theme will be. But if you want to earn some quick spirits and enjoy the bumper-orientated gameplay, then don’t miss this week’s event.