Super Smash Bros. Ultimate No More Heroes 3 event to introduce 3 new spirits on Aug. 27

You'll have three days to collect them all.

Image via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to introduce three new spirits this weekend as part of its spirit board event to celebrate the release of No More Heroes 3.

Starting on Aug. 27, the event will run for free days, granting players the opportunity to secure all of the new spirits in the game. Also, No More Heroes 3 launches for the Nintendo Switch on Aug. 27.

The three news spirits are the game’s main protagonist, Travis Touchdown, Galactic Suphero Corps member Jess Baptiste VI, and Full Armor Travis.

Players will have three days to work through the events and earn these spirits before they are removed from availability until a later date. It is not clear when they will be made available through the Spirit Board or Spirit Store again so don’t hold out on earning them for yourself.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate holds spirit events weekly on Friday, and each has a unique theme. Last week’s theme was centered around characters with big mouths and it will likely be something just as unique next week.