Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan creates functional Undertale Sans Amiibo

More, please.

Screengrab via ButterPiggie

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans were excited during the most recent Nintendo Direct earlier this month when Nintendo revealed a host of new DLC characters and costumes.

Both Banjo Kazooie’s same-day release and the reveal of Terry Bogard as the next DLC fighter headlined the Direct, but many fans had their eyes focused on one little skeleton boy.

The reveal of Undertales Sans as a Mii Gunner costume seemingly broke the internet. Fans were happy to pay less than $1 to not only get the costume but an exclusive rendition of MEGALOVANIA from Toby Fox for Ultimate.

Since then, the internet has been rampant with memes and fanart about the inclusion, but one fan has gone a step further by creating a Sans amiibo that actually works with the game.

The “amiibo” uses one of Fangamers official figures and a Mii Gunner Chip to work with the Nintendo Switch system, but it’s as good as anyone is going to get unless Nintendo adds the character into Ultimate.