Super Baby 2 Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay showcase set for Jan. 10

It's almost time to see how Baby will try to enjoy the sweet taste of revenge.

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

The most important part of a fighting game character is how they play in their respective game. That’s why the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay showcase for Super Baby 2 is going to be key to early impressions of the newest fighter. 

Just like with most of the DLC characters before him, Bandai Namco is hosting a new edition of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show on Jan. 10 that will see Tyrant and Damascus host a gameplay deep-dive for Baby. 

Baby looks to bring some interesting special moves that will separate him from the rest of the roster in where his specialties lie. The most prominent part of this new character that players will want to see is his possession ability that was shown off in the reveal. 

After defeating an opposing fighter, Baby will be able to steal them for his own uses, just like he did in Dragon Ball GT. This results in him gaining the ability to use that character’s Z Assist, though it’s still unclear how it’ll be used. 

If you can stack it with other stolen characters or access all three variations of a character’s Z Assist after they’re stolen, Baby might be an interesting character to watch at the competitive level for the unpredictability he could bring. 

The showcase will begin at 1pm CT on Jan. 10. The entire broadcast will be on the official DBFZ Twitch channel.