Street Fighter V’s first season 4 DLC character, Kage, has been revealed and is available today

One new fighter made the cut.

Image via Capcom

As with every Capcom Cup, we’ve finally been given a glimpse of which characters will be joining the Street Fighter V roster in the new year.

Kage was the first character revealed for season four and appears to be a new form of Evil Ryu. Kage was already leaked ahead of the reveal due to a bug with a recent Street Fighter V update. His character model appeared once players went over a darkened fighter on the character-select screen.

Season three brought back fan-favorite characters like Sakura, Blanka, Cody, and Sagat while introducing new fighters like G. and Falke. Season four, however, is taking a different approach with its next batch of characters by expanding the story.

The first character from season four, Kage, will be available today with the other fighters coming out later in 2019. The dates for these fighters have not yet been revealed.

The other characters for the fourth season of DLC also haven’t been announced yet, which goes against previous Capcom Cups where the entire roster was revealed or teased ahead of time.