Report: A new Smash Bros. game has apparently been trademarked by Nintendo

Is this the first big clue for Smash Bros on the Switch?

Image via Nintendo

A new Smash Bros. game could be in the works if new trademarks apparently from Nintendo of Japan are found to be legitimate, according to news site GoNintendo.

The trademark for Smash Bros. reveals no information on what the game could be, only showing off a logo for the game.

Trademarks can be a word, game, or anything that is legally registered by a company. It means that the property in question is owned by the company and no one can make games or items based off that intellectual property (IP).

If the Smash Bros. trademark is true then it could be one of two things; a port of the Wii U version of the game for the Switch console or a brand new Smash Bros. title.

Other apparently new trademarks by Nintendo include Zelda, Splatoon, and Animal Crossing logos. Nintendo has also supposedly applied for three standard character trademarks, with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Pokemori, and Marika.

The potential trademark finding comes just days after Reddit user DasVergeben, who leaked the existence of the Ninja Turtles in Injustice 2 a week before their official reveal,┬áposted a lengthy list of rumored leaks that has caught the gaming world’s eye. Some of these rumored titles included new ports and DLC leaks for a bunch of fighting games, including Street Fighter V, Soul Calibur, and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

H/T MyNintendoNews, JapaneseNintendo