Samurai Shodown will be an Xbox Series X launch title

Another fighting game is making the next-gen jump.

Image via SNK

SNK is planning to keep the current iteration of Samurai Shodown by bringing a version of the game to next-gen consoles, the company announced today. But there are a few key details missing right now. 

During the Xbox Game Showcase at Tokyo Game Show, SNK gave players a trailer for SamSho, revealing that it’s coming to the Xbox Series X and S as a launch title. That means it’ll be available for players as soon as the consoles hit shelves on Nov. 10. 

There was no mention of the PlayStation 5 at all, though, despite the game originally launching for both Xbox One and PS4 when it released in 2019. 

Fans shouldn’t worry too much about this exclusion since nothing in the trailer pointed to SamSho being console exclusive. And since the game is already available on PS4, it’s unlikely that SNK would decide to make a cross-gen title exclusive to only one of the next-gen consoles because that would limit the player base and potential sales. 

A second trailer could also appear in whatever event Sony has planned next. But since the company doesn’t have a showcase planned for TGS, more information on a PS5 version will probably be coming at a later date. 

And speaking of sales, no details were shared on if players who already own the game on Xbox will get a free upgrade to the Series X/S version or at least get the option to purchase it again at a discount. It’s unlikely that this will be a “definitive edition” for SamSho’s latest title, so if your content doesn’t carry over, you’ll probably need to buy the game and all three seasons of DLC again. 

There was also no word on what enhancements a potential next-gen version of the title will have, though it’s unlikely to be anything major due to it still needing to be compatible with the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC versions of the game. 

So for anyone hoping for improved netcode, you’re probably out of luck unless SNK plans to overhaul the system for all platforms, which could still happen.