Ryu Angel Grove Class of ’93 skin revealed for Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

A retro look for a retro character.

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We already knew Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter were going to be teaming up with the Power Rangers again after being announced as DLC for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. But now, fans get to see one of the new costumes being added too. 

Ryu, who becomes the Crimson Hawk Ranger, is getting a look to match the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast with a skin straight out of 1993. 

Titled the Angel Grove Class of ‘93 skin, Ryu dons a leather jacket, boots, gloves, and ties a cardigan around his waist to fit in with the style of the time. His hair gets a slick new look too, with his signature red bandana still in place. 

This is the first new bit of content we’ve seen for the DLC fighters since the original reveal on April 13 when we got a glimpse at how Ryu would play in the game. We still don’t know much about Chun-Li’s moveset, though, since her gameplay trailer hasn’t been released yet. 

The Street Fighter DLC Pack and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Super Edition, which bundles all of the game’s previous DLC into one collection, both launch on May 25.  

The Street Fighter DLC will cost $12.50 and includes more exclusive skins that will be revealed later. Both characters will also be available to purchase individually for $5.99.

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