Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia revealed for King of Fighters XV

The originals are coming back to show they still have it.

Image via SNK

SNK doubled down this week, announcing two new fighters that will be joining the King of Fighters XV roster—Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia.

Both fighters are obvious inclusions, with Ryo being the main character from SNK’s Art of Fighting series and Robert being his sparring partner and best friend. 

Announcing The Invincible Dragon and The Mightiest Tiger at the same time just made too much sense, especially since the trailer shows both characters off with a strong, back-and-forth style that none of the other KoF XV reveals have really done before. The one downside is we didn’t get to see their finishers because SNK cut away at the end. 

Both fighters look like they have carried over many of their iconic moves and animations from previous games. Though SNK probably saved all the newer stuff for individual showcase trailers and breakdowns later down the line, you still get to see how clean their combos and projectiles look in the new style.

With this duo being revealed, the KoF XV now sits at 19 characters, with only four not having a confirmed team yet.

Fans actually expected Robert to be revealed earlier, seeing that King was announced at the end of March. However, now it has been confirmed that she will be joining up with Ryo and Robert on the Art of Fighting Team, making it the first time this trio has teamed up since King of Fighters 2000.