Pyra ledge ‘bug’ in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate debunked

What was once viewed as an abusable bug, ended up being just another recurring element for Smash.

Image via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players are currently learning the ins and outs of the newest DLC fighters, Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Most early impressions of the character have been positive, and many players believe the two-in-one character may be a potential high-tier fighter after just a few days of being released. 

This is a common reaction for new additions to the Ultimate roster once players actually get to start testing with them. But a small “bug” has been discovered by a few players that make Pyra easier to deal with in one specific instance—although it isn’t actually a glitch. 

The “bug” in question is something Smash 4 players might recognize. When Pyra specifically uses her Up Special to land on the stage, she can be physically pushed off using the game’s physics system. This is done by simply walking into Pyra once her attack animation ends, using your character’s physical model to walk into her without attacking, and then simply pushing Pyra off the stage, causing her to freefall without recovery options. 

There are mixed reports as to how and when this action can be used to take a stock from a Pyra player. But, as of now, it appears that it only occurs when the player is holding down while being pushed off. This will make the character less likely to grab the edge or snap to it as she falls, resulting in freefall. 

To make sure the job is done, players can follow Pyra off the stage and go for a footstool to further ensure no recovery options are available. 

So while it isn’t a bug and is instead just another instance of edge slipping, it can still be a useful tool in certain situations, not only against Pyra, but other characters too if the circumstances line up.