New MultiVersus gameplay and updates coming tomorrow

Fans are finally getting new info about MultiVersus after a dry spell.

Image via Warner Bros.

Fans have been craving new information about the new Warner Bros. platform crossover fighter MultiVersus, and the developers over at Player First Games are bringing the Scooby Snacks to satisfy after going almost two months without an update. 

According to the team, P1G will be releasing more gameplay at 8am CT on May 12, giving players a deeper look at MultiVersus and providing further updates on its development as they are ready to “start things up again.”

The footage, which will go live tomorrow, will feature P1G co-founder Tony Huynh and developer Daniel Kraft playing three matches against two unknown special guests. This will be some of the first new gameplay shown since the game’s initial reveal and will hopefully showcase characters that have not been seen in action before.

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In addition to the matches, this update will kick off a fresh news cycle for the game, providing some “hot” game details for fans. The content of those updates is unknown, but since we still haven’t seen much of MultiVersus, this could mean anything from confirming playable characters to core features. 

MultiVersus is somewhat unique for a platform fighter as the game will feature a focus on 2v2 combat, though it will have standard 1v1 and free-for-all modes too. We currently know of 13 playable characters, with several others having leaked over the course of the two closed beta tests P1G has hosted.

The game is still slated to release as a free-to-play title on all major platforms, outside of Nintendo Switch, later this year, with cross-platform play and progression enabled, along with rollback netcode.