NetherRealm Studios ‘still working’ on fix for 3-day-long Injustice 2 crash issues

You can't even play the game at the moment.

Image via NetherRealm Studios

NetherRealm Studios is “still working” on a fix to massive issues that have caused Injustice 2 to crash over the last three days, the studio said today. The crashes have made the game almost unplayable for days while NetherRealm Studios still works to find and fix the occurrences.

The issue has affected the game across all platforms—including console, PC, and mobile—with the same sequence of events. Players have been reporting that Injustice 2 crashes after showing the DC Comics, Warner Bros. Games, and NRS logos on loading. The game displays no error message and simply boots the user back to the home screen.

The first reports started coming in on Sept. 2, with NRS responding from the official Injustice 2 Twitter account on Sept. 3 and noting that the team was working to track down the core issue. This was the first time the Twitter account posted since April 14, 2020, when it retweeted a post from Mortal Kombat co-creator and NRS creative director Ed Boon.

The developers have since noted they were looking at an “extended outage” for the game and hope to have more information available in the coming days.

As of now, there is no fix that players themselves can implement. This means players will likely be unable to play the game in any capacity until NRS can find a fix and either eliminate the problem or release a patch to do so retroactively.