NASB2 player discovers Plankton mechanic that’s similar to Smash’s wobble

The secret formula was inside of him all along...

Plankton laughing in NASB2
Screenshot by Dot Esports

We know Plankton from SpongeBob is a dirty thief who poisons the few customers he gets by serving them chum. But if that’s not heinous enough, did you know he also has an infinite?

A Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 player posted a clip on Twitter yesterday demonstrating this innovative new tech. Off of a grab, Plankton can down-throw into a sequence of jabs and wavedashes to rack up percent and carry his opponent to the edge of the screen, then kill them with the use of his side-B command grab or a charge attack. With the use of slime, he can power up his moves and kill even earlier.

The tech’s name—the Mecha Plobble (which will almost certainly be shortened to “Plobble” since it sounds better)—is inspired by a move in Super Smash Bros. Melee known as “wobbling” that haunted the competitive scene for years. But while wobbling is considered by most of the Melee fan base to be an awful part of the game, it might actually be welcomed in NASB2.

For one thing, the only character that can perform this particular tech is Plankton, who doesn’t have a whole lot else going for him. He’s a massive target with slow, predictable attacks. Plobbling gives him an actual tool to base this game around and even out the playing field. It also helps to accentuate his most defining trait: his devastating punish game.

Additionally, Plobbles aren’t nearly as broken as Melee wobbles. It can’t combo to 999 percent like wobbling does, so it can’t be used to stall the match. While it’s not hard to do (I managed to get it consistently within 30 minutes of learning about it), it’s not nearly as easy as wobbling is due to the wavedashes that need to be done between jabs. And on top of all that, it doesn’t even work on every character in the game—it’s dependent on either falling speed or weight.

I would even argue that Plobbles are more comparable to chain grabs in Super Smash Bros. Brawl since they both carry the opponent across the stage and end when the player runs out of stage to continue the infinite. Chain grabs were a defining feature of Brawl but nowhere near as deadly as Melee wobbling.

Taking all of this into consideration, Plobbles could be an interesting way to shake up the NASB2 meta. It gives Plankton an obvious win condition and forces the opponent to respect him a lot more than they’d otherwise need to. 

Plankton always plays dirty, so it only makes sense that he does so in NASB2 too. Just wait until Mr. Krabs enters the ring and shows him who’s really the fast food tycoon of Bikini Bottom.


Eddie Halpin
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