MultiVersus open beta, LeBron James, and Taz nerfs hit live servers

Get ready to dunk on thousands of new players as the game becomes readily available.

Screengrab via Warner Bros. Games

The wait is over; MultiVersus is finally available for players around the world with its open beta, which launched earlier today alongside a new patch that finally nerfs Taz’s Taz-nado and adds LeBron James as a playable character. 

As a free-to-play game, players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC can download MultiVersus and jump right into the cartoony crossover action. 

LeBron is now available as a playable character, making him the first new fighter added to the game since Iron Giant at the start of the open beta’s early access period. He’s listed as the game’s “basketball-wielding character,” so there might be potential for additions in the same sports vein at some point soon. 

Rick and Morty will also be added to the game during season one, with Morty joining the roster on Aug. 9 once the open beta’s entry period ends. 

As for the patch, Player First Games has added a “free character rotation” that will let players use a handful of fighters that are locked on the game’s base roster normally. From July 26 to Aug. 8, players can use Finn, Garnet, Superman, and Reindog in matches without needing to unlock them using in-game currency. 

The developers have released patch 0.1 for the game too, nerfing Batman and Taz, while tweaking bug fixes and little details about Steven Univers, Velma, and the Iron Giant. 

Taz specifically received a number of big hits to Taz-nado, a move that many criticized as being “broken” for a lack of cooldown or real punishment for overusing it. PFG will eventually change Taz-nado into a cooldown move and further tweak it to be balanced. But for now, it has been nerfed through a decreased duration, removing a multi-hit, and reduced knockback. 

A new open beta Warp event is also live until Aug. 8, giving players 25 percent more gold for just playing the game.