MultiVersus datamine reveals Rick gameplay, Perks, and Variant skins for multiple characters

It looks like Rick is packing some teleporting heat.

Rick and Morty posing
Image via Player First Games

Rick Sanchez was officially revealed as a playable character for MultiVersus alongside Morty and LeBron James at San Diego Comic-Con, though he won’t be officially released until after Morty joins the game on Aug. 9. However, Perks, Variant skins, and other details about the character have already been leaked online after dataminers discovered that the character was already included in the game’s files. 

Using external software, dataminers have been able to play as Rick offline, showcasing how he utilizes his various inventions and gadgets as a Mage Class fighter—though a majority of footage and other leaked content has been taken down by Warner Bros. Interactive as it is unofficially being released in an unfinished state.

For Rick, we already knew he would be a Mage Class fighter and that his moveset would be reliant on his inventions, like his signature Portal Gun. Using that tech, he can create two points of travel similar to Bugs when he digs underground, except Rick can do it in the air and it can displace teammates, items, and other players, which could lead to some wild combo potential. 

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One of the Signature Perks that leaked is called “It’s Called The Buddy System, Morty.” This will make it so any ally that is knocked through one of Rick’s portals instantly recovers from hitstun and has their velocity reduced. 

His other moves include the ability to Polymorph enemies to debuff them and buff himself, call on Mr. Meeseeks to attack for him using the Mr. Meeseeks Box, and more. 

As for his Variant skins, Mech Suit, SEAL Team, and Pickle Rick are all set to be included, with some even shown during the gameplay footage. It is unclear how these costumes will be obtainable or if they will be added to the game at all when Rick launches, though the Mech Suit looks to be free via Character Levels. 

Rick wasn’t the only character to have Variants leaked either, as the following costumes were shown for other characters like LeBron, Taz, and Bugs. 

  • LeBron – Robin (Space Jam: A New Legacy)
  • Bugs – Tune Squad Jersey (both Space Jam styles)
  • Taz – Tune Squad Jersey (both Space Jam styles)

The inclusion of more Space Jam content, along with Marvin the Martian among the previously leaked characters and a new set of data-sharing music for a Space Jam stage could mean a space or Space Jam-themed event or battle pass is coming soon.

Other details like a Task Force X skin for Harley Quinn and an alien design for Jake were also included, though no details were shared. 

Additionally, one of the leakers who originally shared details about MultiVersus before it was announced has stated Gandalf and potential other Lord of the Rings characters might not be in the final game due to licensing issues with the Tolkien Estate despite appearing in several images—though this is unlikely to be confirmed even if he is excluded from the roster.

This makes it even more important to take leaks for MultiVersus lightly.