MultiVersus addresses long-awaited concerns with new MMR revamp

Skill-based matchmaking will see changes.

Image via Warner Bros. Games

Player First Games game director Tony Huynh revealed several major changes to MultiVersus’ rankings system today that should work to reduce the frequency of skill mismatches in matchmaking.

MMR, or matchmaking rating, is a numerical value assigned to each individual player that denotes their supposed in-game skill level. This discrete number fluctuates with every win or loss and determines the general skill level pool your opponents are pulled from for your matches. MMR differs from your rank in any given game’s competitive mode and often has far more sway over who you are matched against than the rank itself.

Since its beta, MultiVersus has been under fire for its matchmaking system since it was not uncommon to be placed against either much higher or lower-skilled opponents. Only one month following the release of ranked, MultiVersus’ game director has revealed that several major changes have been implemented to improve the quality of life for ranked play.

These changes will include:

  • Changed MMR floor from 0.5 to four.
  • Changed high-ranking matchmaking threshold to 1900 for one-vs-one matches.
  • Implemented a minimum floor for matchmaking rating based on highest-rated account character.

By adding both a minimum floor and a higher threshold for high-ranking matches, players should experience significant skill mismatches far less often and be placed with opponents closer to their rank. Huynh went on to say that MultiVersus’ MMR system will be updated as player feedback begins to roll in.

Matchmaking is undoubtedly a fine balance since even games that have hosted ranked modes for years still continually update their ranking and MMR systems. Though MultiVersus will likely see more adjustments to its skill-based matchmaking system, players have rejoiced that the issue is finally under work.