LeBron James, Iron Giant banned from MultiVersus at Evo 2022

All experimental content is being left out of the event.

Screengrab via Warner Bros. Games

In a sentence that no one likely ever saw coming, LeBron James has been banned from Evo 2022… in MultiVersus

LeBron and Iron Giant were both added as part of the Open Beta launching over the last several weeks, and both characters are still listed as experimental in-game. Because of that, Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games have decided that players are not allowed to use either character during the $100,000 MultiVersus tournament being hosted at Evo 2022. 

In addition to the two newest characters, the recently unlocked Cromulons is also banned for similar reasons. 

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All of these details were revealed alongside the main tournament rulings for the MultiVersus Evo event, which includes a few other interesting points to note that set it apart from other platform fighters like Super Smash Bros. when it comes to formatting—outside of it being a two-vs-two focus. 

  • All games played in the top eight will be best-of-five.
  • Duplicate characters per team are not allowed.
  • All Perks in the game are legal.
  • The losing and winning team of the preceding match may choose to change characters and/or perks. If they choose to change their characters, the winning team must choose their characters first.
  • Players can ignore the match start timer if they need more time to prep.
    • If it expires and forces them into a match, either team can ask to quit back out as long as it is specified beforehand.

This does not set the precedent for all events since tournament organizers are free to decide which characters, stages, and rulesets are eligible for use as long as they are options in the game. But for Evo specifically, the developers want players to use characters who have had their kits mostly finalized and other content not in experimental stages. 


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