How to unlock all characters in Tekken 7

A total of 16 characters have joined the fray.

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The latest entry in the Tekken franchise, Tekken 7, boasts over 50 characters available for players from previous titles.

Each character has a unique aesthetic and playstyle and gives the player options tailored to their tastes and capabilities.

Upon purchase of the game, 36 of the characters will be available and can be used in battles against one another. The remaining 16 have to be acquired through different methods, however.

Here’s how to get each of the unlockable characters in Tekken 7.

DLC Characters

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The first unlockable character introduced into Tekken 7, Eliza was available to players who pre-ordered the game and became available for purchase 30 days after the title’s launch. The Vampire Queen has a unique playstyle and can deal impressive damage. If you want to try out this character, you will need to purchase her from the corresponding DLC store on your platform.

Geese Howard

This guest character originates from the Fatal Fury series of fighting games and made his first entry into the Tekken franchise with Tekken 7. This was one of the first DLC characters introduced into the game and is available for purchase through the store.

Noctis Lucis Caelum

Another guest fighter introduced into Tekken 7, Noctis Lucis Caelum is the main character from Final Fantasy XV. Noctis can be purchased from the store separately or alongside Geese as part of the initial Tekken 7 season pass.

Anna Williams

One of the earliest characters introduced in the Tekken franchise, Anna Williams makes her return in Tekken 7—this time as a DLC character that must be purchased from the store.

Lei Wulong

One of the most unique characters in Tekken 7, Lei Wulong has a series of five different fighting stances that can be switched between during battle. Introduced in Tekken 2, Lei Wulong makes his return as part of DLC for Tekken 7.

Craig Marduk

Introduced in Tekken 4, Craig Marduk makes his return in Tekken 7. The Vale Tudo-style fighter is available for purchase through DLC as part of the second season pass or separately.

Armor King

Craig Marduk’s sworn enemy Armor King was also introduced into the game as part of the second season pass. Armor King is also available for purchase separately.

Julia Chang

A character that has appeared in all games since Tekken 3, Julia Chang makes her return in Tekken 7 and is available for purchase as DLC from the store.


Another guest fighter introduced in Tekken 7, Negan hails from the Walking Dead series and brings his charismatic villain persona to fight. This guest fighter can be bought as part of the second season pass or separately from the store.


The first character introduced as part of Tekken 7’s third season pass, Zafina made her return following her introduction in Tekken 6. Players can purchase her as a playable character separately in the store.

Leroy Smith

A new character introduced to Tekken 7, Leroy Smith is a mixed martial artist that can be acquired through the third season pass alongside Zafina. This original character can also be purchase separately.


A reoccurring character in the Tekken franchise, Ganryu is available as a playable character in Tekken 7 purchasable through the third battle pass or separately from the DLC store.


Another original character introduced in the third season pass, Fahkumram is a Muay Thai fighter. This character rounds out the battle pass but is also available for purchase separately.


The latest rendition of a character introduced in the first Tekken game, Kunimitsu is available for purchase as part of the fourth season pass for Tekken 7 or separately through the store. There’s still one more character to be released as part of this season pass, but it has not been revealed as of yet.

Alternate characters

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Devil Kazuya

One of the most popular characters from the franchise, Devil Kazuya is not available as his own standalone character. This form of Kazuya Mishima is only accessible through transforming during a match while playing the character.

To activate the transformation, you must use Devil Kazuya’s Rage Art by pressing the front right bumper on your controller. The transformation will only last a short while, however, and is currently the only way to access the character within Tekken 7.


A character that was introduced previously in the franchise, Violet is not available as his own character but rather as an alternative look for Lee Chaolan. To access this appearance, you will need to select Lee as player two. This can be done by using square or circle when selecting Lee from the character menu.