How to select your Minecraft World biome in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Minecraft World has six biomes waiting for you.

Image via Nintendo

Steve and Alex from Minecraft are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today with the new DLC, which means players will be able to play on a new stage called Minecraft World.

Minecraft is known for its diverse scenery and the new stage will reflect that by bringing several biomes for players to fight on in the Minecraft World stage. It will also have a new feature that other stages lack.

Normally, the biome changes randomly for each round. But on this stage, players can select a specific biome by using a button combo. There are six different biomes in total, each with a different type of vegetation.

Here’s the list of each button combo you can use to get your desired biome on Minecraft World:

  • Plains: L+A
  • Birch Forest: L+R+A
  • Savanna: L+UP+A
  • Taiga: L+RIGHT+A
  • Snowy Tundra: L+DOWN+A
  • Stone Shore: L+LEFT+A

The combos are simple and almost the same. Just press L, change the direction of the left stick button for each biome, and press A.

Players will also be able to use different skins for Steve and Alex. There will be a new selection of Mii Fighter Costumes coming with the Pass Vol. 2 DLC, including Creeper, Travis Touchdown, and Bomberman.