How to play Wonder Woman in MultiVersus

Princess Diana enters the fray.

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MultiVersus is an upcoming free-to-play crossover fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is a platformer fighting game where players can play as their favorite characters from various forms of media over the generations.

The characters in this game are highly varied, ranging from popular comic book franchises to old-school cartoon characters. A well-known figure in comic book history is Wonder Woman. First introduced in All Star Comics in the early ’40s, her popularity rose throughout the years and she was finally featured in her own comic in 1942, becoming a staple of DC Comics going forward.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the more interesting characters in the DC Comics universe. As mentioned earlier, she made her first appearance in All Star Comics in 1941, followed by her solo feature in Sensation Comics in 1942. She rose to popularity soon enough, being a part of the original cast and founding members of the Justice League.

Also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman was an Amazon born from the union of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta. This gave her all sorts of demigod powers, including super strength, super speed, and unmatched combat abilities among the other Amazon warriors. These skills are accentuated by the gear she possesses, such as the Lasso of Truth and her indestructible gauntlets that reflect projectiles.

In MultiVersus, the game has provided all characters with a unique moveset and a variety of perks to make the most of their abilities. Depending on the combination of these moves and perks, characters can overcome challenges that they otherwise would not be able to—and Wonder Woman is no exception to that rule.

Best moves for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus

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Wonder Woman has a bunch of moves that can all do varying amounts of damage. While some of the less powerful moves are not mentioned here, none of them are lacking in destructive power. A player well-versed with these moves can still take advantage of them.

From the best moves we have listed, we will be dividing them into her best active moves and her passive moves.

Active abilities

  • Amazon Shout: Wonder Woman fires a projectile blast from her Bracers. This energy blast can be powered up to increase the blast radius and damage. The Bracer Meter passive is directly tied to this ability, also passively increasing its damage. Once the blast triggers, it provides Wonder Woman and her allies with the Armored buff briefly.
  • Defense of the Gods: Wonder Woman dashes to an ally in need, creating a shield around herself and her ally, negating damage for a short while. This ability also allows her to cleanse all debuffs for herself and the ally affected by the shield. This shield even increases the Bracer Meter every time she gets hit while it is active.
  • Lasso of Truth: Wonder Woman throws out her legendary Lasso of Truth as a projectile. It launches forward until it attaches itself to the first enemy it hits. Wonder Woman can then pull them in and deal damage to them. This ability also works on allies, pulling them out of harm’s way if needed.
  • Warrior’s Charge: Wonder Woman charges forward with her shield raised. This ability gives her Armor as well and destroys all incoming projectiles. If a projectile is destroyed, Wonder Woman can perform another action. Each time she dashes, any allies in her path are given the Armored buff.

Passive abilities

  • Bracer Meter: Each time Wonder Woman blocks any sort of projectile with her shield, the damage blocked goes toward filling up a meter that powers up her Amazon Shout. This ability also triggers each time she gets hit while she is Armored.

Best perks for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus

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Perks are global buffs that can be used by any character in the game to make them stronger. Most perks can stack with each other, further amplifying their effectiveness. The game has its fair share of common perks that everyone can use but there are a few character-specific perks that are unique.

With Wonder Woman being a Tank character, these signature perks work the best for her.

  • Grip of Hermes: This perk allows Wonder Woman to use her Lasso of Truth to grapple more than just enemies. Terrain can be grappled to increase maneuverability as well. Grip of Hermes also extends the range of her Lasso of Truth by default.
  • Shield of Athena: This perk is a tank staple, making Wonder Woman tankier. Whenever Wonder Woman dodges an attack, Shield of Athena gives her a barrier that allows her to absorb damage from incoming projectiles and completely negate their damage.
  • Whip of Hephaestus: This perk improves Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. The damage of the Lasso is amplified by adding a high-damage knockback effect at its sweet spot at the end of the Lasso’s range.

Apart from these, some universal perks work effectively for Wonder Woman as well.

  • Coffeezilla: Provides a 10 percent cooldown reduction to all skills for all team members. Can be stacked to 15 percent.
  • Speed Force Assist: Increases the base speed of every team member by four percent. Can be stacked to eight percent.
  • Triple Jump: Quite possibly the best perk in the game, allows characters to double jump after they hit an enemy in mid-air. This can be stacked, providing a total of three jumps.

Best strategies for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus

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Wonder Woman is a tank-type character in MultiVersus. She shares this class with some other popular characters in the game such as Superman and Iron Giant. Being a tank, most of her focus lies in the defensive abilities that she can use to protect herself as well as her teammates. While she might be lacking in the offense department, her support skills more than make up for it.

Wonder Woman’s combo attacks are where her offensive capabilities truly shine. Her normal side attack using her sword and shield with a Warrior’s Charge as a finisher is a strong combo to keep enemies away. She can also keep enemies away from her allies by using her Lasso of Truth to grapple them and then reposition them with Warrior’s Charge.

Wonder Woman’s defensive capabilities extend to buffs, such as her Amazon Shout. This ability grants herself and her allies bonus armor while performing a decent area-of-effect attack. This ability can also be charged up, increasing its overall effectiveness. The final caveat to top off her defensive kit is her Defense of the Gods skill, which allows Wonder Woman to charge toward her ally, create a protective barrier for herself and her ally, and cleanse all debuffs.

A combination of these perks and moves makes for a fun experience playing with Wonder Woman. Despite being one of the least-played characters today, she is no less fun than the others and is due for some buffs soon in MultiVersus.