How to play Taz in MultiVersus: Best perks, best moves, strategies, and more

Here's how to master this manic Looney Tune!

Taz getting hugged by Harley Quinn
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The long wait for MultiVersus is finally over and players are starting to get their hands on the vast variety of characters available within the game. Warner Bros. has opened its vault of characters and created a fresh take on the party-fighter similar to one “children’s party game” many know, grew up on, and still play to this day.

As the game develops and players begin to define the meta (most efficient tactics available), players will be looking to better understand each and every character to the fullest. One character in particular players want to learn is Taz. The manic spinning and spitting tornado has been popular and threatening enough to be nerfed relatively early in the game’s lifespan, but still has a lot of potential.

Here we’ll go over Taz’s moves, his best moves, perks, and more for players to best understand what he offers and how to best use him.

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How to play Taz in MultiVersus

The Tazmanian Devil from Loony Tunes is a spitting ball of crazy and manic energy. He naturally fits the Bruiser class in MultiVersus very well, and players who like to combo their opponents will appreciate Taz’s moveset.

Taz’s moveset and best moves

Attacks (Grounded)

  • Soup’s On! (Neutral): Guzzle a pot of soup. Charging this attack spits a projectile that can be aimed up and down. Deals TASTY damage.
  • Well-Seasoned (Side): Salt and pepper seasoning that deals TASTY damage before it transitions to tornado spin.
  • Slam-wich (Up): Chargeable attack that slams two sandwiches together overhead and deals TASTY damage. Taz can freely move while charging the attack.
  • Stomp Stomp Stomp! (Down): Chargeable stomp that breaks armor. The stomp will hit further the longer the player charges.

Specials (Grounded)

  • Chew it Yourself (Neutral): Eat, chew, and spit out enemies; stunning them. Taz can eat projectiles while using this move which will power up his Down-Special. Press down or neutral to repeatedly chew enemies and press up or forward to spit them out.
  • Taz-nado (Side): Spin forward into a tornado; hits multiple times. Passing through an ally increases the duration of the tornado and grants a brief movement buff.
  • Dogpile! Dogpile! (Up): Start a dogpile projectile that will grow in size. It is a multi-hit move and ends with a powerful finish. Has a cool down where Taz will jump up and swipe twice.
  • You Spit What You Eat (Down): Burp up a chewed apple projectile to deal a small amount of TASTY damage. If Taz has eaten a different projectile with Chew it Yourself, he will burp up that projectile instead and deal a large amount of TASTY damage.
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Attacks (Air)

  • Soup-er Spinner (Neutral): Like the grounded-neutral, but spins as he spews; knocks enemies backward.
  • Feed the Beast (Side): Chargeable forward biting attack.
  • Flying Slam-wich (Up): Like the grounded-up, but it is not chargeable.
  • Sunder Down Under (Down): Taz tornado spins his legs and drills downward; Breaks armor.

Specials (Air)

  • Chew it Yourself (Neutral): Like the neutral-grounded-special.
  • Taz-nado (Side): Like the side-grounded-special; more upward movement.
  • Dogpile! Dogpile! (Up): Like the up-grounded-special.
  • Eating on the Fly (Down): Like the down-grounded-special, but can spit enemies down; cannot chew enemies.
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Best moves

Like many of the Bruiser-classed characters, Taz’s main focus is his combo game and combo potential. His best moves center around comboing into one another and build up TASTY.

Sunder Down Under is a great opener with a lot of hit stun. It can lead into a variety of other moves like Feed the Beast, Flying Slam-wich, Slam-wich, and even the non-charged version of Dogpile! Dogpile! where Taz swipes up twice.

Taz’s passive abilities

Taz has a passive ability that effects him and his allies in battle. This passive is not included in the special perks available to him.

Bottomless Pit

Some Taz attacks deal a stackable TASTY DEBUFF. These TASTY enemies begin to stack this TASTY DEBUFF whenever they are knocked back. When the max stack is reached, the enemy receives the COOKED CHICKEN DEBUFF and will not be able to attack.

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When COOKED enemies take damage, there are small bits of chicken that break off and can heal Taz and his allies if they are picked up off the ground.

Licking allies

Taz also has a passive where he licks his allies when he passes them. This ability has a cooldown, but will heal allies slightly when passed.

Taz’s perks

Signature Perks

  • Iron Stomach (unlocked at tier eight): After eating a projectile, Taz will burp up an anvil instead of the projectile he consumed.
  • I Gotta Get in There! (unlocked at tier 10): Taz’s allies will have the ability to jump into the dogpile attack, allowing it to del more damage, knockback, last longer, and armor.


  • Percussive Punch Power (unlocked at tier two): Deal 5-percent increased damage through attacks that horizontally knock-back enemies.
  • Absorb ‘n’ Go (unlocked at tier four): Receive a 7-percent ability cooldown refund after being hit and knocked-back by a projectile.
  • Tazmanian Trigonometry (unlocked at tier seven): Receive a 15-percent increase in base-knockback influence; Ability to alter the angle of the direction Taz is launched.
  • School Me Once… (unlocked at tier 11): Receive a projectile blocking buff for two seconds when knocked back by a projectile.
  • Hit Me if You’re Able (unlocked at tier 12): Receive a 5-percent increase in dodge speed
  • That’s (Not) All, Folks! (unlocked at tier 13): Ringing out enemies while near the edge of the arena will push the attacker back toward the main stage.

Best perks

Those playing singles, or one vs one, should use the Iron Stomach signature perk as the I Gotta Get in There! is catered toward team battles.

For his normal perks, Tazmanian Trigonometry is a great perk that acts much like directional-influence in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. School Me Once… offers great projectile protection from projectile heavy characters which allows Taz to get up close. The last perk, Percussive Punch Power, is a solid option to build up more damage as the battle goes on.

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Taz strategies

Bruisers rely heavily on their combo game to eliminate their opponents, and Taz is no different. Many of Taz’s moves combo into one another which is great to build up damage and eventually ring-out the opponent.

Taz players should take advantage of TASTY buildup and turn their opponents into COOKED CHICKEN DEBUFF where they are essentially defenseless for a short period of time. Being able to maximize the stacking TASTY buildup is crucial to his gameplay.

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One problem with Taz is that he lacks kill confirm moves, and it can often be challenging to get in on an opponent. He is small and relies on close-quarters combat with limited projectile and ranged options. Those looking to improve and be effective with Taz need to understand the spacing of opposing characters to best be able to bob n’ weave in and out of enemy attacks.

Taz recently received a hefty nerf that tore down one of his most effective kill confirms in the Taz-nado. While the move is still effective and provides decent knockback, it is nothing what it used to be.