How to play Harley Quinn in MultiVersus: Best perks, best moves, strategies, and more

The best of this psychotic villain.

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MultiVersus is an upcoming free-to-play crossover fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is a platformer fighting game in which players can play as their favorite characters from various forms of media over the generations.

The characters in this game are extremely varied ranging from popular comic book franchises to old-school cartoon characters. A well-known figure in comic book history is Harley Quinn. First introduced in Batman: The Animated Series, she quickly found fame among fans and was brought into DC Comics.

How to play Harley Quinn in MultiVersus

Image via WB Interactive

Harley Quinn is definitely one of the more interesting characters in the DC Comics universe. As mentioned earlier, she made her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. The initial plan was to have her as a one-off sidekick character of the Joker, but she was so popular amongst the fans that she was brought back for regular episodes.

By the mid-90s, Harley finally made her way into DC Comics, complete with an origin story. She was a psychiatrist named Harleen Quinzel who worked at Arkham Asylum. She was the doctor of the Joker attempting to treat him until he turned the tables on her and drove her insane instead. This left her with an unhealthy obsession with the Joker, finally becoming his sidekick.

To make the most of her abilities, the game has provided all characters with a unique moveset and a variety of perks. Depending on the combination of these moves and perks, characters can overcome challenges that they otherwise would not be able to and Harley Quinn is no exception to that rule.

Best moves for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus

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Harley Quinn has a bunch of moves that can all do varying amounts of damage. While some other moves that are not mentioned might not be as powerful as the ones mentioned here, none of them are lacking in destructive power.

From the best moves we have listed, we will be dividing them into her best active moves and her passive moves.

Active abilities

  • Heads Up!: Harley charges up for an overhead swing. Upon fully charging this attack, she will twirl once and then swing for a high damage hit.
  • Slider: Harley charges up for a sliding attack. After it is fully charged, she lunges forward with a kick in the direction of the charge. The longer this attack is charged, the further Harley can slide ahead. Pressing the attack again will result in a combo move.
  • Prank Shot: Harley dashes forward in a straight line, passing through enemies. She then fires a boxing glove projectile behind her, damaging the enemies she passed through. This ability can be enhanced further using a specific perk.
  • Confetti Grenade!: Harley targets her grenade launcher before firing a huge projectile overhead. This attack deals area-of-effect damage and applies her Confetti debuff to all enemies affected by the grenade.
  • Boxing Ringer: Harley charges up her boxing glove. After fully charging this attack, she can choose the direction of the move (after acquiring the relevant perk) before launching the projectile. This move can be used in the air as well, allowing Harley to launch the projectile downwards.
  • Jerk-in-the-Box: Harley places a jack-in-the-box on the field that will stay there until an enemy comes into close proximity. When an enemy touches it, a projectile is detonated that launches all enemies in the area upwards. This move also applies her Confetti debuff to all enemies affected. This move can also help allies if they activate it by refreshing all of their air abilities.

Passive abilities

  • Confetti Time!: After stacking the Confetti debuff on her enemies, Harley and her allies gain the ability to also apply the Ignite debuff to them, slowly causing burn damage. To activate this, Harley or her teammates must knock back the enemy multiple times after stacking Confetti on them.
  • Glass Cannon: Harley’s assassin class gives her additional speed and damage that exceeds most other classes. The downside of this class is their weak defense. Due to this, all assassin characters also end up taking an increased 14 percent damage from all sources.

Best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus

Perks are global buffs that can be utilized by any character in the game to make them stronger. Most perks can stack with each other, further amplifying their effectiveness. The game has its fair share of common perks that everyone can use but there are a few character-specific perks that are unique.

With Harley Quinn being an assassin character, these perks work the best for her.

  • Glove Control: This perk allows Harley to manually control the direction of all of her boxing glove projectiles. In addition, it also lets her stall in mid-air by using this move.
  • Smooth Moves: This perk gives Harley invulnerability during her Prank Shot ability. This lets her use the move safely while also effectively acting as an extra dodge.
  • Confetti Explosion: Harley’s attack will cause an explosion that deals vertical knockback after she hits an opponent with the Confetti debuff five times. Make sure to keep stacking that Confetti.

Apart from these, there are some universal perks that work effectively for Harley Quinn as well.

  • Coffeezilla: Provides a 10 percent cooldown reduction to all skills for all team members. Can be stacked to 15 percent.
  • Speed Force Assist: Increases the base speed of every team member by four percent. Can be stacked to eight percent.
  • Triple Jump: Quite possibly the best perk in the game, allows characters to double jump after they hit an enemy in mid-air. This can be stacked, providing a total of three jumps.

Best strategies for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus

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Harley Quinn is an assassin character, making her naturally faster and hit harder than most other classes. She can use these aspects to her advantage by dashing around the battlefield and using her mallet to control the fight. Her multitude of knockback abilities helps Harley with this.

Another use of her knockback abilities is to trigger her passive Confetti Time! While dealing damage and knocking back her enemies, she also sets them alight, dealing constant damage over time. This can be used as a combo with her Confetti Explosion perk as a finishing move, providing control and burst damage in one.

Apart from these, her abilities to stay mobile allow her additional dodge windows and sudden attacks that can catch players unaware if they don’t know what they’re dealing with. Harley Quinn is a perfect character for players who enjoy fast-paced battles and catching their opponents off-guard.

A combination of any of these perks and moves makes for a fun experience playing with Harley Quinn, currently one of the best characters in MultiVersus.