How to play Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus: Best perks, best moves, strategies, and more

Check out our guide to mastering this iconic Looney Tune!

bugs bunny eating a carrot
Image via Warner Bros.

The hit free-to-play Warner Bros. platform fighter is here, and many are starting to get their hands on their favorite iconic characters. These characters in MultiVersus come from all over the Warner Bros. franchise and add a lot of diversity to the full cast.

As players sink their teeth into them and get down to the nitty-gritty, many are wondering how best to optimize fighting and perk layout of each character.

With so many characters to choose from, a lot of players lean toward the iconic and most recognizable fighters. One of these, in particular, is Bugs Bunny. The meta for each character is still very underdeveloped as the game is in beta, but a lot of players want to know how to play Bugs and be successful.

Whether it’s perk sets, best combos, or overall strategies, this MultiVersus guide will cover everything to know about the iconic Looney Tune.

Image via Warner Bros.

How to play Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus

Everyone’s favorite Looney Tune is here, and this guide will cover everything players would want to know. Here, we’ll go over his move set, the best moves and perks, and some of the best strategies to implement.

Bugs Bunny’s moveset

Attacks (Grounded)

  • Whack-y, Ain’t It? (Neutral) – Chargeable mallet swing
  • Why I Outta! (Side) – Spinning combo of punches that will break armor
  • Rabbit Kick (Up) – Chargeable upward kick
  • Pie Barrage! (Down) – With a pie equipped, the input throws a pie projectile. Heals allies that it passes through, and applies SLOW to the enemies that it hits.

Specials (Grounded)

  • A Safe Investment (Neutral) – Drop a target for a safe projectile that will fall a few moments later. The safe can be hit toward enemies to do damage. The safe will break and drop an item when destroyed.
  • Ain’t I a Charmer? (Side) – Blow a kiss that applies CHARMED to enemies which stuns them. Kissing allies will ENRAGE them and make their next attack apply a max stack of WEAKENED.
  • Special Delive-Rocket (UP) – Launch a rocket upward that will later fall back down to the arena. While on cooldown, Bugs will use his ears to helicopter upward.
  • Bunny Burrow (Down) – Burrow underground and become invulnerable. Tunnels are left where they started and ended and can be re-entered. Shoot up and attack enemies from the tunnel openings.
Image via Warner Bros.

Attacks (Air)

  • Helicopter Punch (Neutral) – Persistent spinning punch
  • Flying Rabbit’s Foot (Side) – Chargeable forward kick
  • Swing Batta Batta (UP) – Upward baseball bat swing
  • Look Out Below! (Down) – Throw a pie projectile downward if equipped; if there’s no pie equipped, it becomes a downward mallet swing.

Specials (Air)

  • Safe Painter (Neutral) – Similar to the ground version, but Bugs will instead paint the safe into reality – this spawns the safe faster.
  • Rocket Rider (Side) – Similar to the ground version, but the rocket can act as a platform and be ridden across the stage.
  • Special Deilve-Rocket (Up) – Same as the ground version.
  • Bun on the Run (Down) – Similar to the grounded version, but Bugs will dive toward the ground from the air to start.

Best moves

The best Bugs Bunny moves are going to be ones that combo into one another and begin to rack up a lot of damage. These moves include the down-air Look Out Below! as a mallet swing and the up-air Swing Batta Batta. Without a pie in hand, Bugs can combo these two moves together and rack up a lot of damage similar to Falco pillar combos in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Additionally, his forward(side)-air Flying Rabbit’s Foot is a very strong and chargeable move that can act as a solid kill option. Calling down a safe and bringing out a rocket are also great moves that allow Bugs to control a lot of space on the stage and should be used as often and effectively as possible.

Image via Warner Bros.

Bugs Bunny’s passive abilities

Dynamite, Doc? – When crouching, Bugs will pull out a box that will spawn a completely random item and launch it to the nearest Ally. It does have a cooldown.

Bugs Bunny’s perks

Signature Perks:

  • Comin’ Through Doc (unlocked at tier 8) – When Bugs leaves an existing tunnel, he and any allies will release a shockwave that will damage nearby enemies.
  • Lingering Love (unlocked at tier 10) – Bugs’ kiss will leave behind a floating heart that, when run into, will leave enemies CHARMED. The duration is significantly reduced compared to the move, and the projectile has a cooldown.


  • Coffeezilla (unlocked at tier 2) – Receive a 10-percent reduced ability cooldown duration.
  • Collateral Damage (unlocked at tier 4) – Deal 1 additional damage when knocked back enemies collide with the wall or floor.
  • Speed Force Assist (unlocked at tier 7) – Base-movement speed is increased by 4-percent
  • Aerial Acrobat (unlocked at tier 11) – Receive a 10-percent increase in air acceleration.
  • Second Wind Beneath Your Wings (unlocked at tier 12) – Refresh air special attacks after ringing out an enemy.
  • Sturdy Dodger (unlocked at tier 13) – Receive armor for 1 second after neutral dodging a projectile.

Best perks

For a signature perk, Lingering Love is oppressively strong and allows Bug’s heart from the stunning kiss to stay out momentarily. For the other perks, Coffeezilla, Speed Force Assist, and Aerial Acrobat are great options to keep up with high special attack output and fast aerial movement.

Image via Warner Bros.

Bugs Bunny strategies

Bugs Bunny falls under the “Mage” class type in MultiVersus. This is one of the most challenging to learn as it requires the player to utilize a lot of the fighter’s kit to be successful. The whole idea is to lean on the special attacks and their secondary effects to press and regain the advantage in the match.

When playing Bugs, players should rely on the rocket, safe, and pie moves to control space and influence their opponent. For example, if the pie makes contact with the opponent, it adds a slowing effect which allows Bugs to quickly jump back into combat and get up close and personal. Additionally, burrowing underground and using the rocket let Bugs players dictate the pace of the match and how much of the stage they can control from any given area.

While combos are important, Bugs has the ability to rack up some damage from a safe distance with some of his moves. When the safe comes into play, Bugs can hit it in a direction to, again, influence the opponent’s moves or deal a lot of damage.

Similarly, Bugs can hit the pie while it is floating in the air to change direction.

Overall, players will do well with Bugs so long as they play to control the space on the stage. His kit, as a mage-class, allows him to quickly cover a lot of ground and even deal damage from a distance. The aerial combo game available to him also adds to his versatility, which makes him a great fighter.

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