How to play Batman in MultiVersus: Best perks, best moves, strategies, and more

The Caped Crusader arrives.

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MultiVersus is an upcoming free-to-play crossover fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is a platformer fighting game where players can play as their favorite characters from various forms of media over the generations.

The characters in this game are highly varied, with many of them ranging from popular comic book franchises to old-school cartoon characters. A well-known figure in comic book history is Batman. First introduced in Detective Comics issue 27 in 1939, Batman quickly became a staple of DC Comics going forward.


Image via WB Interactive

Batman is one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time. From his inception in Detective Comics in 1939, fans felt that he was something special. This proved to be right because he turned out to be so popular that he got his series along the line, complete with a huge cast of heroes, sidekicks, and villains that have only risen in popularity.

What made Batman stand out in the era of superpowered heroes and villains was the fact that Batman had no superpowers of his own at all. He was a regular, albeit extremely smart, human being with a large inheritance that was left behind by his parents after their unfortunate deaths at the hands of a thief. 

Watching their deaths take place right in front of his eyes made him what he is today, a staunch crimefighter with a burning hatred for villains everywhere. What made him so popular amongst fans was his morals, wherein he would refuse to stoop to the level of the villains he fights by not killing them, but leaving them alive to face justice and the consequences of their actions.

Best moves for Batman in MultiVersus

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Batman has a bunch of moves that can all do varying amounts of damage. While some of the lesser powerful moves are not mentioned here, none of them are lacking in destructive power. A player well-versed with these moves can still take advantage of them.

Depending on the combination of these moves, characters can overcome challenges that they otherwise would not be able to and Batman is no exception to that rule. These are all of his best moves in MultiVersus.

Active abilities

  • Bat Bomb: Batman tosses a small explosive bomb that latches onto the first opponent it comes across. This bomb is attached to the opponent using Batman’s punches but it can also be attached from a distance using the Batarang. Once it latches on to the opponent, it explodes after a few seconds, dealing damage and knocking the opponent upwards.
  • Bat Grapple: Batman fires a grappling hook toward his opponents. Once it grabs onto an enemy, Batman can then reel himself in, damaging the enemy as well as any enemies that are along the travel path. This ability can be used to move around the battle area as well, allowing Batman to grapple surfaces with it.
  • Rising Bat: Batman charges up an attack, then releases it in the form of a powerful uppercut that launches enemies upward. If the attack is fully charged, it will hit twice, dealing double damage. This move can also be used in the air to fly higher up.
  • Smoke Bomb: Batman tosses a smoke bomb on the ground, cloaking him and eventually turning him invisible. Attacking opponents while invisible will apply the Weakened debuff on them, increasing the damage they take while increasing Batman’s speed.

Best Perks for Batman in MultiVersus

To make the most of Batman’s abilities, the game has provided all characters with a unique set of perks. Perks are global buffs that can be utilized by any character in the game to make them stronger. Most perks can stack with each other, further amplifying their effectiveness. 

The game has its fair share of common perks that everyone can use but there are a few character-specific perks that are unique. Batman has two unique perks that work well with each other too.

  • Bouncerang: This perk causes the Batarang to apply the maximum number of Weakened debuff stacks on all opponents hit after it reaches its furthest distance and then flies back to Batman.
  • Precision Grapple: This perk enhances Batman’s Bat Grapple move by adding blast damage to his target once he reels himself in after grappling them. Consequently, this reduces the damage Batman deals to all enemies along the way.

Batman also has some utility perks that work well with his playstyle.

  • Aerial Acrobat: This perk further amplifies Batman’s maneuverability by increasing all aerial movement by 10 percent. It helps him get out of sticky situations easier.
  • Gravity Manipulation: This perk increases Batman’s fall speed by 10 percent. It might not sound very impressive, but for Batman, this can be the difference between life and death because a quicker descent would mean lesser chances of getting killed in the air.
  • Hit ‘Em While They’re Down: This perk increases Batman’s damage by a flat 10 percent to all enemies that have been affected by his Weakened debuff. It applies to targets hit by his Batarang as well.

Apart from these, there are some universal perks that work effectively for Batman as well.

  • Coffeezilla: Provides a 10 percent cooldown reduction to all skills for all team members. Can be stacked to 15 percent.
  • Speed Force Assist: Increases the base speed of every team member by four percent. Can be stacked to eight percent.
  • Triple Jump: Quite possibly the best perk in the game, allows characters to double jump after they hit an enemy in mid-air. This can be stacked, providing a total of three jumps.

Best Strategies for Batman in MultiVersus

Image via WB Interactive

Batman is a Bruiser in MultiVersus making him slower than some of the faster characters in the game. The trade-off here is that his moves pack a massive punch—literally. One of his major strengths is being a Vertical fighter. Due to this, Batman is better at fighting enemies that like to stay above the battle area.

Despite being a Bruiser, Batman is quite light-armored. While he might not be as tanky as his other Bruiser counterparts, he is definitely more mobile and players can use that to their advantage by positioning him carefully to avoid getting killed off by surprise. His abilities help him do this much easier than most Bruisers.

Adding to his mobility, Batman has the Ninja Training passive which gives him the Hasten buff. This speeds him up and also makes his attacks apply three stacks of the Weakened debuff whenever he goes invisible. Players can also take advantage of the fact that Batman is able to use his Vertical mobility to dodge upward from the ground, unlike most characters.

And finally, we get to Batman’s best tool: The Batarang. Batman can throw his Batarang while grounded and when in the air. It has a great range, making it one of the best setup tools. It allows Batman to essentially close the gap between him and his opponent while applying the Weakened debuff on them. The only weakness of this ability would be the long cooldown, so keep that in mind and use it at an opportune moment.