How to grind money for fishing in Guilty Gear Strive

Gotta collect those items.

Image via Arc System Works

Guilty Gear Strive has a bunch of unlockable items, such as music, art work, and more hidden away in its game files—and they can all be unlocked through a gatcha-style mini-game of fishing.

Don’t worry, this gacha game won’t ask you to use real-world money to take a spin on the gamble train. Instead, Arc System Works asks players to use in-game money that can be collected just by playing the game to take a chance at unlocking something cool.

Money isn’t rewarded for everything, however. You won’t get any for taking on a series of vs. CPU opponents or be rewarded for sitting through the nearly four-hour animated story. Instead, there are only two big ways to grind money in-game to start collecting all those precious collectibles.

The first is to complete missions, as well as finishing an Arcade run. Both will reward you with a bit of cash that all adds up over time. You can’t get cash for completing the same mission, though, so don’t expect to grind an easy mission over and over again.

The next and arguably the easier method is in online battles. You can fight against opponents and be rewarded cash through victories. You can then go spend it on as much fishing as you want. In theory, you should be able to fight against a friend or the same opponent, win a bunch of times, and watch the money pile up, but we have yet to really test this method to the fullest.

Other than that, though, just be ready for a long grind to unlock everything. The game does limit you in what awards you cash, which is disappointing considering the number of unlockables there are in the RNG fishing mini-game.