Guilty Gear Strive will launch open beta test on Feb. 17

Player who didn't pre-order can join on Feb. 18.

Image via Arc System Works

Ahead of its April 9 launch, Arc System Works is preparing another open beta test for Guilty Gear Strive so the developers can see how the game runs on the live servers with multiple modes. 

This is the beta that was originally mentioned in ArcSys’ last update, which revealed players who have pre-ordered the digital version of the game would get more time with it soon.

The beta will be available to anyone who pre-ordered any version of the game digitally, according to the official GG website, meaning all of the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition pre-orders count toward this early access. It’ll be live on PlayStation servers from Feb. 17 at 9pm CT until Feb. 21 at 8:59pm CT. 

Players who haven’t pre-ordered the game will also be able to access the beta, though it won’t be open until a day later on Feb. 18. 

In the beta, players will have access to 13 of the 15 playable characters that are going to be included in the initial roster for the base GGST game. Anjo Mito and the unannounced 15th character are the ones being excluded. Versus, Tutorial, Training, and Network Modes will all be available throughout the beta, meaning you can practice offline or play online against other users. 

This beta will also be the first time a live beta for GGST will feature rollback netcode for online matchmaking. Certain features such as connection compatibility display won’t be available to view, but others like ping and rollback frames will be live during online gameplay. 

You can read more about the open beta on the official GG website.