Guilty Gear Strive ships 300,000 units 3 days after launch

The newest title might be the franchises biggest yet.

Image via ArcSystemWorks

ArcSystemWorks have hit a hot streak with Guilty Gear Strive, announcing that the game has surpassed 300,000 units sold just three days after officially hitting the global gaming market. 

This is incredibly positive news for ArcSys and, more importantly, the Guilty Gear franchise, because it shows that the game has broken through the niche fighting game label and reached a much larger audience with its latest release. 

Sales figures for the franchise are scarce, but according to game tracking website VGChartz, some of the newer titles like Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 have only sold around 100,000 units lifetime on PlayStation 4. This doesn’t include PC sales, which could bump that number up for certain titles like GGXrd and GG XX Accent Core Plus R, which have both seen more recent improvements. 

GGST was originally supposed to launch April 9, but after a delay it was released worldwide on June 11, with players who pre-ordered deluxe editions of the game digitally getting early access to the full game on June 8. 

The initial response from the GG and general fighting game community has been very positive, with most complaints still being pinned on the game’s multiplayer lobby system or server errors. If the game continues to draw people in with its fun gameplay and strong netcode, ArcSys might be able to take build the franchise up to rival many of the bigger names in the scene with its seventh mainline installment.